Hey! I'm Janis Ozolins.

Now that I’ve established some credibility with those fancy numbers, I can say I’m just a regular dude who likes to do things on the internet. Hit me up on Twitter.

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    Chinmay Gaikwad


    Truly enjoying your illustrations, one of the best Twitter handles I've come across. Thanks for sharing these.

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    Crispin Sujith


    So very true. Made my day!

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    Michael J. Crawford, PhD


    @OzolinsJanis You create some really cool stuff, sir. Thanks for sharing your brilliance.

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    Best thing I've seen online today! Thanks for this.

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    Alex Garcia


    This is so good!

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    Tom Waterhouse


    I fucking love this

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    Álex Maese


    Watching what Janis has accomplished in such a short amount of time is SO INSPIRATIONAL. A life-changer for many people, me included.

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    Juan F. González


    This is the type of stuff that I like to get recommended by Twitter.

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    Gagan Gelada


    This is the best graphs I have seen... great thoughts... thank you

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    Dude, this one is epic!

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    Andra Zaharia


    I love your work and the impact it has on people! Hope it brings you just as much mental space as it does for me.

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    Benoit T.


    Soooooo true: thanks for the reminder Janis!

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    Matt D'Avella


    Love your illustrations. I'm hitting you up now about some potential work :)

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    Ash Lamb


    Why are you so bloody good?

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    Brian Gallagher


    Fantastic! And accurate.. I’ll be using this haha

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    Julian Shapiro


    this is brilliant

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    Mariya Gorbatenko


    I think you just reinvented the new format for LinkedIn articles.

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    One of the most interesting person to follow on Twitter. He’s such a great thinker and I love the way he delivers his ideas.

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    Wow, folks, this account is freaking amazing!

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    Tomas Svitorka


    Brilliant, as always.