Here are the tools I use and love to run my one-person business. Some links are affiliates – purchasing through them supports me at no extra cost to you.

Website builder

I use Framer to build and host this website. It's powerful and easy to use. Get 3 free months on a Pro annual subscription when you subscribe with partner25proyearly promo code. You can also use my website as a template.

Email service

I use Hey to manage my emails. It offers a fresh approach that I absolutely love. Using it is a joy.


I use Zapier for event automation and various tool integrations like Stripe with ConvertKit and others.

Website analytics

Simple website analytics that does everything I need to understand from where I get leads and how well they convert.

Email marketing

I use ConvertKit to run my newsletter. It's a feature-rich, creator-focused tool. I've been using it for years.

Payment processor

I use Checkout Page to collect payments. It has flawless integration with Stripe and Rewardful affiliate program. I highly recommend it. It's beautiful, easy to use, and has no transaction fees.

Social media manager

I use Publer to publish on X, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It's by far the best social media scheduling tool I've used.

Notes app

I've used Bear to write and sketch notes for many years. It's a beautiful app that is a joy to use if you are in the Apple ecosystem.

Task organization

I use Things as my main to-do list. It's very well done and easy to use across my Apple devices.

Video hosting

I host Explain Ideas Visually Course & Community video content on Vimeo.

Design visuals

I've used the free version of Figma for all my designs for the past two years. How I make my visuals and use Figma exactly you can find as part of my Explain Ideas Visually Course & Community.

Screen recording

With Loom, I record feedback sessions for the Explain Ideas Visually Course & Community members. It saves me a lot of time as it uploads the recordings automatically and makes them easy to share.

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