Explain Ideas Visually

Explain Ideas Visually

Explain Ideas Visually

No design background required.

No design background required.

No design background required.

Course & community where you learn how to go from "I have no ideas" to portfolio of viral-worthy visuals.

Course & community where you learn how to go from "I have no ideas" to portfolio of viral-worthy visuals.

I've helped 500+ students get up 32,424,192+ impressions online.

I've helped 500+ students get up 32,424,192+ impressions online.

"This course is to the point without any fluff and equips you with the right mindset and knowledge to get started instantly." - Moina Abdul


Join the course and, in 3 hours, learn the core material.


Start creating and submit your work for feedback.

In a week

Grow and improve along with other community members.

What's inside?

Video Lessons

Zero-fluff video lessons designed to help you learn core concepts quickly.


Share your work, get feedback and answers to your questions, and find like-minded people.

Feedback Sessions

I will provide tailored feedback on your visuals, explaining what is great and what I would advise changing and why.

Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is provided to assist you throughout the entire brainstorming and creation process.

Figma Template

A Figma template is provided to help you easily kickstart the creation of your first visuals.

Bonus Content

Community recordings where we cover various topics, behind-the-scenes videos, and recordings of dozens of feedback sessions.

Don't take my word for it

  • This course and community is slowly changing my life!

    Alex Maese

  • I feel I underpaid for the value I got.

    Aidan Yeep

  • I am having a lot of fun with my work and the community.


  • Explain Ideas Visually was the key to unlocking my creativity as a illustrator.

    Victor Bigfield

  • No complex words to explain the technique so it’s understandable for everyone.

    Enes Kartal

  • PJ Milani


    Check out @OzolinsJanis and his Explain Ideas Visually course if you're looking for:

    • an active, supportive community
    • fundamentals to start
    • feedback to improve

    I'm not an affiliate, just a fan.

  • Tracy Tang


    Many folks asked me how to start doodling & visualizing like me.

    I learned how to communicate ideas with visuals from @OzolinsJanis and check out the cohort version of the course!

    It’s like learning a new language with an awesome community.

  • Prashant


    Personal experience. Been creating visuals for a month. Not actively looking for work.

    But people have already started reaching out with opportunities!

    To think it randomly started with an awesome course by @OzolinsJanis and an AMAZING community!

  • Junhan Chin


    I learned how to think better and communicate more effectively after taking the course from @OzolinsJanis.

    It's not just about becoming a content creator or building a business. This course will change your life.

    Best part? It's easy and enjoyable.



    Want to thank some of the people that inspired me to take up creating visuals & leaning into my creativity.

    It’s such a powerful tool & has allowed major breakthroughs with my coaching clients in some cases.

    @OzolinsJanis - incredible & inspiring. His course is ACE!

  • Since I joined the course, I’ve been able to express my thoughts through drawings that explain my ideas. I 100% recommend joining the course.

    Albert Roig

  • I had no prior experience in design or digital art. I spent a weekend learning the main course content and was able to create one visual a day, and have been doing so till date.

    Jun Han Chin

  • This course is a fantastic resource if you want to get into communicating ideas visually. I was already a big fan of this approach but this course and community really helped me take it to the next level. Highly recommend!

    Kurt Bostelaar

  • Explain Ideas Visually is to the point without any fluff and equips you with the right mindset and knowledge to get started instantly.

    Moina Abdul

  • The course content is pragmatic and useful and contains many examples. It introduces you to helpful tools to start illustrating and above all, it helps you get into a creative mindset and pulls you into a creative community where you can connect with others on the same journey.

    Jeff Kortenbosch

  • This course is very hands-on, no fluff, no boring details. It allowed me to go from zero — never ever created a drawing in my life – to crafting over 50 scenes that being published on Twitter gained over 15K impressions during the first month.

    Ana Bibikova

  • Ramli John


    I picked up sketching and visualizing ideas. I just bought @OzolinsJanis course and loving it!

  • Harsh Darji


    In January, I enrolled in @OzolinsJanis course to learn how to make visuals and I have made hundreds of visual designs since then.

  • GoLimitless


    @OzolinsJanis has the best course / cohort for learning this

  • David Lindenberg


    Taking a course on creating visual images with @OzolinsJanis - awesome guy and awesome course!

  • Álex Maese


    I learnt everything in @OzolinsJanis Explain Ideas Visually course. Not only it is fantastic, but the community behind it is awesome.

  • Enes Kartal


    Without hesitating I can say that this is the most awesome community in this world. And @OzolinsJanis is a great mentor with his heart in the right place.

Key outcomes

Communicate clearly

Learn to use visuals to quickly get your point across. I'll teach you all of my techniques.

Build an audience

Become a creator and share your work online. An audience is a valuable asset.

Attract opportunities

When people see that you can communicate clearly and attract attention, they will be more likely to hire you.

"In 5 months, I have grew my social following to 10K+ followers and started making money as a business delivering visualized ideas to companies, social media personalities, and educators." - Elliott Aleksander


One time payment with lifetime access.


Everything you need to start creating today.

Video Lessons

Community Access

Cheat Sheet

Figma Template

Bonus Content

Feedback Sessions

Select 'Add 2 hours of coaching' and receive 1:1 coaching with me. I'll assist you with style, concepts, and growth strategy.

Course Curriculum

I've structured this course to be manageable and not overwhelming. In the core modules, you'll learn essential knowledge that will help you start creating on day one.


  • Lesson 1: It’s not fancy art, and you can do it too! (9 min)

  • Lesson 2: Why does this stuff work? (6 min)

  • Lesson 3: All About Capturing Ideas (13 min)

Process Ideas:

  • Lesson 1: Adding ‘Thought’ Elements to Our Original Idea (7 min)

  • Lesson 2: Adding Visual Elements to Our Idea (11 min)

  • Lesson 3: Master Pre-production Checklist (6 min)

  • Lesson 4: Brainstorming Session 1 and 2 (27 min total)

Visualize Ideas:

  • Lesson 1: 9 Lessons to Become a Top 5% Designer (11 min)

  • Lesson 2: Developing Your Own Style (13 min)

  • Lesson 3: Figma Basics Tutorial (1 hour)

  • Lesson 4: Creating Production Visual (30 min each)

Bonus Content:

  • Office Hour Recordings (8+ hours)

  • Behind the Scenes (2+ hours)

  • Feedback Sessions (18+ hours)

  • Figma Template

Community Perks:

  • Tailored video feedback to visuals you create.

  • Get answers to any questions you might have.

  • A place to chat and make friends.

Hi, I'm Janis!

I was an aspiring content creator for years. I tried youtube, podcasting, and blogging, but all of it felt like an uphill battle.

Then I stumbled upon the idea of communicating through visuals. I loved it and pursued it seriously. Six months later, I felt momentum and left my corporate job.

Now, millions have seen my visuals, I have an audience of 170,000+, and I've collaborated with individuals I only ever dreamed of working with:

  • Julian Shapiro

    Investor, entrepreneur

  • Dharmesh Shah

    Co-founder/CTO, HubSpot

  • Matt D'Avella

    Netflix filmmaker, YouTuber

  • Steven Bartlett

    Entrepreneur, podcaster

  • Shaan Puri

    Host of My First Million

  • Naval Ravikant

    Investor, entrepreneur

  • Ana Lorena Fabrega

    Author, edupreneur

People kept asking me how I do what I do, so I created this course and community to share what I know about explaining ideas visually.

I look forward to seeing what you'll create and providing feedback on your visuals.

Janis Ozolins

Creator of the Explain Ideas Visually Course & Community


Is this course only for content creators?

No, it isn't. You will learn how to effectively explain ideas visually. Similar to writing, this is a versatile skill that you can apply in almost any field or context.

Is it guaranteed I will get freelance work?

It's not guaranteed, but students who create consistently, iterate on feedback, and build audiences online are more likely to get freelance opportunities.

How long is the course, and what format is it in?

You'll learn the core material in roughly 2-3 hours. Then you can start creating, ask for feedback, and dive into bonus content if needed. Most of the lessons are videos where I talk over concepts or explain things while designing.

Do I need paid software?

No. I use the free version of Figma, and most of the behind-the-scenes work is done in this software. However, the principles you'll learn can be applied to any design software of your preference.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes, you do. If the course is ever discontinued, all available content will be sent to you for download. The community and feedback sessions may end at some point in the future, but if that happens, you will be notified several months in advance.

What do I do next if I want to enroll?

You can enroll by clicking the button below. You'll get instant access to the course and community.