Hey! I'm Janis.

I share easy-to-digest ideas on creative business and personal growth, reaching millions every month.

Addressing interest in how I explain ideas visually, I made a course and community teaching exactly that.

I occasionally take on freelance projects. Here are some people I've created visuals for:

  • Julian Shapiro

    Investor, entrepreneur

  • Dharmesh Shah

    Co-founder/CTO, HubSpot

  • Matt D'Avella

    Netflix filmmaker, YouTuber

  • Steven Bartlett

    Entrepreneur, podcaster

  • Shaan Puri

    Host of My First Million

  • Naval Ravikant

    Investor, entrepreneur

  • Ana Lorena Fabrega

    Author, edupreneur

Other than that, I procrastinate, doubt myself, and struggle with perfectionism. Yet, I do what I love for a living, and I believe you can, too.

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In case you're curious about how I got here, here's a short story from the day I left my 9-5.

– Janis