Roberto Ferraro

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One of the most pleasant learning surprises of the year, a great opportunity to develop a new skill and interact with like-minded people, and learn from the best.

It’s quick and to the point, a good combination of summary text and videos. The illustration process is clearly explained, feels doable, and encourages you to give it a shot. I watched it twice 🙂

I had the essential links and resources to get started quickly.

Janis is personally answering all the “request for feedback” posts, and it feels like he cares about sharing his knowledge and developing a great community. The interactions with other community members are a “plus”. As is usually the case, the more you interact, the more value you get, and you have fun.

I often improved on a visual thanks to the feedback and comments of other members.

The office hours and community meetings are great opportunities to interact with like-minded people.