Prashant on Twitter

One of the best courses I have ever taken…Period!

But it started rocky. I was even planning on asking for a refund. I was under the impression it was a course on making artistic visuals. It is not that! It is a grow your Twitter audience through fast and straightforward visuals. Visuals get some of the highest engagement on Twitter and helps you grow your audience FAST! Once I realized what the course was about, the value was INSANE!

So if you are a marketer or creator trying to grow your audience on Twitter or test out Twitter as a marketing channel, this course is for you!

Plus Janis is AWESOME. He truly goes out of his way to help. He has done the hard work of figuring out what works on Twitter, and he is happy to share it all! It is CRAZY how ready he is to share! I have been doing this a short while, and I am hesitant to share the raw editable files for even one of my visuals, but Janis…he shared his ENTIRE collection! I cannot even begin to put into words how crazy that is!

But the best part has been the community Janis has built. A super supportive and inspirational group of people. Online creation/growth can be a lonely endeavor! But the community around this course makes working feel like sitting in your favorite cafe where you know everyone. You can just sit quietly and work and ask for feedback when needed. Or, if you want to take a break and chat, you can do that. Or if you need help, they are right there!