What I'm Doing Now

Updated on May 8th, 2024, from Alicante, Spain.

Back in a routine

The past few months were busy but fun! Stressed and worked on my book (which I've now postponed). We moved to a new house. I put together lots of IKEA furniture for the kids' rooms. We also visited friends and family in Latvia for two weeks. Plus, my wife threw me a fantastic birthday surprise, and we just got back from a surfing trip in Portugal.

Postponed my book for around a year

Nothing else changes, just more time to create a great book. I didn't realize how big this project was, but now I have a second chance to get it right. Big thanks to my publisher, HH—they're awesome!

Updated my website with a blog

Click here to check out some posts I have already added. This is an MVP version (feedback is appreciated). The layout was inspired by Harry from Marketing Examples.

Behind on content schedule...

...and that's fine. I want to create content out of love, not necessity. I might stop my 'weekly newsletter' promise (which I often break) and say a new issue will drop "every now and then" or, as Tim Urban says, "new post every sometimes." We'll see. More to come!

Updating Explain Ideas Visually template.

I'm adding more examples and templates to our Explain Ideas Visually Figma template. It's packed with extra inspiration for my students learning visual explanation. I've wanted to make this update for a while. Finally, I'm diving in!

Behind on emails and DMs.

If I have not replied to you. I will.

That's it. Take care. ❤️

– Janis