What I'm doing now

Updated March 3rd, 2023, from Alicante, Spain.

More than a month in Spain!

It's been over a month since we moved to Alicante, Spain. The trip with the car was wild, with unexpected hiccups—more on that in this Twitter thread. But we're all here, and we love it. We got a great apartment, and our landlord is fantastic. I'm grateful to live near decent size mountains where I can have fun with enduro/downhill mountain biking.

Finished Explain Ideas Visually February Cohort

I loved the live experience. I will continue to do these cohorts, and you can find more info and sign up here if interested.

Writing a book proposal

Yup… I'm very excited about this project and currently writing a book proposal to Harriman House to see if we could work together. I enjoyed working with them while doing illustrations for The Learning Game book by Ana Lorena Fabrega. I hope this will go further, and you'll see a coffee table book from me by the end of this year or early next year.


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