Junhan on Twitter / Instagram

Creating content used to be a struggle.

Janis taught me how to think better so that I can learn faster and better. He taught me how to create content that is actually impactful for people.

I had no prior experience in design or digital art. I spent a weekend learning the main course content and was able to create one visual a day, and have been doing so till date.

The community was a bonus that I didn’t expect. They are amazingly creative, motivated, inspiring and supportive.

They share amazing ideas every day and some of the most driven and creative friends I know came from this community.

Personally, I feel that I’ve become 10x the thinker and creator I was, and the stats show. By applying

Janis’ teachings, – My Twitter account grew from 3 to 712 followers in 70 days. – My Instagram account grew from 0 to 896 followers in 55 days (now more than 10k)