4 ideas: perfect nonsense, 80% rule, no space, good challenges

Nov 12, 2022

Hey – Janis here.

Today's issue covers 4 ideas in 1 min and 14 secs.

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At least perfect the right thing

* * *

80% rules

Creators (myself included) make many rules for themselves around things like niche, approach, tone, consistency, and other things.

All that stuff is good. But we are not robots.

Yes, follow your rules because you intentionally made them that align with your goals and values. But at the same time, give yourself some space and break from this programmed approach. Try new things that are out of your norm.

Why? I think it makes you more human and increases the odds of new, beneficial discoveries.

* * *

Drop something. Say no. Or burnout.

* * *

Great things start with a challenge:

What did they say some time back?

  1. "I'll publish a youtube video every week for at least a year."

  2. "I'll publish a newsletter every week for a year."

  3. "I'll publish a visual every day for a year."

Who are they today?

  1. Matt D'Avella - Wildly successful filmmaker.

  2. Jay Clouse - Creator who might break $300K this year.

  3. Myself, who is doing this creative thing full-time. :)

Commit and lean in. What's the worst that can happen?

That’s it for today!

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Enjoy the weekend!

Janis Ozolins


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