3 ideas: perk of self-employment, tip for creators, less is more

Sep 3, 2022

Yo – Janis here!

This is Ideas. A newsletter where I share ideas for creative entrepreneurs. It’s been a while, but I’m back. Let’s dive in.

3 ideas in 1 min. 9 secs.

The perk of being self-employed

It’s way more fun to act on ideas immediately.

* * *

My best advice for aspiring creators

When I tried to become an online entrepreneur/creator, there were many things I did wrong.

But one thing which I believe I did well is I moved the ball forward every single day. No matter how big or small. 

It was as insignificant as listening to a business book for 15 minutes or doing some research.

It was lazy progress, but it helped to keep the flame ON for my dream.

Small things will compound and trigger the big stuff. Move the ball forward every single day.

* * *

Less = More

The more projects I try to juggle. The more meetings I have. The shorter the day feels.

That’s it for today! Enjoy the weekend.

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P.S. – I've read Building a StoryBrandHero on a Mission, and now I'm going through Business Made Simple. All great books by Donald Miller. Recommended in case you're looking for smth new to pick up.


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