3 ideas: ownership & success, embracing insecurity, willpower & algorithms

Nov 26, 2022

Hey – Janis here.

Today's issue covers 3 ideas in 1 min and 39 secs.

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Success is tied to your ownership.

  • The things where you seriously commit because it’s important to you.

  • The stuff where you take full responsibility and don’t blame anyone else.

An attitude like that increases your ownership and, therefore, success. When I look back on some of my successes in life, I can find this true for myself.

* * *

"True security lies in the unrestrained embrace of insecurity - in the recognition that we never really stand on solid ground, and never can.” ― Oliver Burkeman

* * *

The algorithm is stronger than our willpower.

Don't be too hard on yourself. A lot of research and strategies go into algorithms. Your willpower does not stand a chance against social media algorithms. Find methods that work so you can create healthy relationships with them.

That’s it for today!

Janis Ozolins


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