2 ideas: empathy leads to engagement, mindsets and desires

Oct 22, 2022

Hey – Janis here.

Today's issue covers 2 ideas in 2 min 12 secs.

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Empathy online will pull people in.

One way how I attracted a lot of people to my work was by creating content that made people feel something like this:

  • "this is me"

  • "he gets my pain"

  • "I struggle with this too"

  • "turns out I’m not alone"

  • "I’m not the only idiot who experiences this"

Think about people you enjoy talking to–I bet at the top of the list are people who make you feel heard and understood. Be that person for others.

For example, I posted this 22h ago, and it has accumulated over 500K impressions across my Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Go read the comments and see how many people confirm the feeling.

* * *

Aim for what you want, not what feels possible.

If we create a scale out of a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, this would be me:

So till 2016, I didn't aim for what I desired. I aimed for what felt possible.

I didn't have anyone around me who lived the life I desired: being curious and creative while having the freedom to do when and where I wanted it. Aka: the laptop/nomad-ish lifestyle.

The scale moved towards a growth mindset when I fell in love with self-help audiobooks and podcasts.

The guidance and stories started to impact my belief in what's possible and gave me the motivation to take action and, slowly, through trial and error, get where I desired.

The lesson: instead of thinking about what feels possible, you might as well aim for what you want and seek guidance which is not hard to find if you have access to the internet.

That’s it for today!

What do you struggle with when it comes to creative business or self-help type of stuff? Hit reply and let me know. I would love to create content around that if I feel I have something meaningful to add.

Enjoy the weekend,

Janis ❤️🙌


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