1 idea: finding your thing through short fail cycles

Oct 15, 2022

Yo – Janis here!

Another issue of the Ideas. A newsletter where I share ideas for creative solopreneurs. Let’s dive in.

1 idea in 1min 29 secs.

One of the most challenging tasks for aspiring creators is figuring out our thing/niche/approach.

Since doing things online, I’ve talked to and observed a lot of successful creators and solopreneurs who have made it = found their thing, and are doing it full-time.

The pattern is clear.

Those who succeed have a long list of failed experiments. I can 100% relate to that when I look back at my own journey.

So there are 3 options:

  • fail fast;

  • fail slow;

  • fear failure (and get nowhere).

  • Excessive learning;

  • planning;

  • preparing (buying tools and gear);

  • embracing perfectionism early on;

...all that is pretty pointless when you don’t end up doing the thing itself. I’ve been there many times and wasted months, maybe even years.

To save your precious time, learn to have short fail cycles.

When you have proven to yourself and really believe this is your thing. Sure, plan more, be more perfectionist, learn more to become better at it, and invest in better tools and gear.

But until you do.

Have a bias towards action. Remember, clarity comes from doing.

I'll get back to all of you.
Enjoy the weekend.
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