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I always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and watched tons of videos on Youtube about self-development, entrepreneurship, motivational videos, etc. Consuming a lot of content didn’t get me where I wanted to be. I suddenly found Janis Ozolins on Twitter and followed him for almost a year. After he announced that he created an Online Course I immediately get nervous. Because that was a sign to take the course and start my journey. So I decided to share my story with Janis on Twitter and didn’t expect an answer from him. That would be an excuse for me to not start my journey.

Janis answered immediately to my question. He was so interested in helping me and not selling his course. Because I didn’t expect his awesome approach I was directly hooked. I decided to take the shot and said to myself: it’s all or nothing.

Course: A little side note here: Because of my marketing background, I joined a lot of courses to develop my skills. Most of the time I was so disappointed with the courses I joined because it was not what they promised they would teach.

Somehow, I wanted to join the course to learn a new skill: To be able to explain ideas visually. I watched the course in just one day! I was blown away by the information Janis provided in this course. It was right from his heart, nothing salesy. He was on a mission to help people learn a new skill. He doesn’t use complicated words to explain the technique so it’s understandable for everyone.

Community: The best place where you want to be. Janis created an awesome community with a bunch of kind people. It feels immediately like home when you first join the community. Everyone is willing to help and lift each other. If you are stuck with your visualization or you don’t have the motivation, you can talk with people. You can share your wins or just talk about anything that you want. I can say that this community is a virtual home for me.

If you want to learn this skill you need to put in a lot of work and stay consistent. It is not difficult to learn all the basics of explaining ideas visually. You need to face some struggles and difficulties to master your skill. But it takes time and effort to get there. It will be a tremendous journey that you will never regret.