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Janis hooked me to his course when I saw his tweet about how he tried everything under the sun from Youtube, to Podcasting, etc. to break through into the content creation field. I felt like he lived through my pain and struggle! I too tried everything under the sun. I know that building an online presence is important in this day and age but I couldn’t figure out how.

The thread on Twitter shilling his course was the first time I’ve seen Janis’ profile. I instantly loved his work and followed. A couple of days later I bought the course. I wanted to give visualizing ideas a go.

I had no design background other than dabbling in some UX/UI to try to make a career change (I’ve been a Human Resources Manager for over 7 years). At the time I bought the course, my plan was to learn UX/UI and to build a webapp using a no-code tool. Nonetheless, I joined the community that comes with the course and started visualizing ideas. I temporarily dropped my plans on the webapp and making a career change into UX/UI. In the Discord community, Janis provided some tips and was always around to give feedback on our work. I figured, if I was going to make this happen, I need to show up every day. I started creating daily visuals (1 per day).

This was before the course was live. The course went live a couple of weeks later around the Thanksgiving timeframe. I binged every video and just continued showing up every day, creating and evolving my style.

Today, I have grown my Twitter account to more than 5500 followers (started with 97), filed an LLC, and started making money as a business delivering visualized ideas to companies, social media personalities, and educators. I 4x my initial investment into the course and made wonderful friends along the way. And for that, I thank Janis for being my catalyst into this new journey.