Book 1-hour session with Janis.

I don’t do consulting for a living. However, if you find my input valuable, we can go nuts for an hour over a Zoom call.

People ask my advice for things like:

  • How to make visuals that drive engagement.
  • Being a content creator on the internet.
  • Give feedback on your existing work or project.

After you make the payment, we will find a date and time based on our mutual availability. My calendar is quite free, so no worries.

If you have any questions:

I’ve worked for great entrepreneurs & creators like Naval Ravikant, Steven Bartlett, Shaan Puri, Matt D’Avella, Julian Shapiro, and Ana Lorena Fabrega.

Here’s what some of them have said:

Janis is the best. He turns complicated ideas into killer visuals. My audience loves it and thinks I’m a genius, but really it’s just Janis turning my mess into magic. If you’re on the fence, don’t be an idiot. Hire Janis. If I could hire him full time, I would!

Shaan Puri

Janis is a deep thinker and wickedly smart creative. We’re so glad we hired him to create illustrations for Slow Growth. Not only did his work drive increased engagement but the quality of those conversations had more substance. His work speaks for itself! 10/10 would recommend Janis for your next creative design project!

Matt D’Avella

Janis is sincerely the most talented thinker-illustrator I’ve encountered. He’s consistently using visuals not just to portray important concepts concisely, but also to add a new understanding to them. He elevates ideas with visuals. His work makes you think, “Ahh, now I get it.” This is really hard to do. This is the person I’d want to learn from.

Julian Shapiro